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Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is accountable to the Shareholders'general meeting,and comprises professionals with different backgrounds and qualifications. Its principal responsibilities include:
• determining the Bank's business development strategy and determining the Bank's business plan and investment program;
considering the Bank's annual reports and managing the Bank's external information disclosure'
• convening the general meeting of Shareholders, reporting to the Shareholders'meeting,and implementing the resolutions of the Shareholders'meeting;
• formulating the Banks'annual financial budgets,final accounts, risk capital allocation plans,profit distribution plans and loss resolution plans;
• considering and approving the Blank's external investments,acquisitions and sales of assets,pledging of assets,provision of guarantees to third parties,entrusted financial management and related party transactions plans in accordance with the authorization of the shareholders' general meeting;
• appointing or dismissing the president of the Bank and secretary to the Board of Directors in accordance with the nomination of the chairman of the Board;appointing or dismissing the vice presidents of the Bank and other aenior management in accordance with the nomination of the president of the Bank;
• determining the Bank's risk management and interal control policies;and
• formulating the Bank's principal management system and regularly assessing and improving the Bank's corporate governance.
• The Board of Directors has delegated certain powers to its sub-committees,including the strategy and development committee,audit committee,nomination and remuneration committee and related party transaction and risk management committee.The committees shall report to the Board of Directors.For details of the roles and responsibilities of these committees,laease refer to"Directors.Supervisors and Senior Management-Committees under the Board of Directors".